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One of the most widely used forms of depot testosterone is Testosterone Enanthate. Its duration of activity in the body being 2 to 3 weeks, it is usually enough to an injection of 250 mg per week to maintain a high level of testosterone. Testosterone enanthate produces a very rapid increase in strength and weight, with significant water retention and gynecomastia that is combated with the help of the simultaneous use of anti-estrogens.

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Testosterone Enantat phd remedies 10ml vial: 250mg / ml

Laboratory: phd remedies
Shape: Injection
Ingredients: Testosterone Enanthate
Concentration: 250mg / ml
Presentation : 10ml bottle
Dosage: Between 600 and 1200mg per week.
Type: Mass / volume / strength cycle
Protection during treatment: Anti-estrogen: Take 0.5mg of Arimidex in ED (every day) or take 1mg of Arimidex in EOD (every 2 days).
Pct post cycle therapy: Nolvadex and Clomid during the recovery: 1 of each per day for 20 days.
Level: All Users


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