Hilma biocare NEW PACKAGING!

It finally has happened! Official hilma biocare will be coming up with a Verification codes and amazing NEW DESIGN.

hilma biocare new packing

So, it´s very impostant that you puschase Hilma Biocare Only for official resellers.

NEW Features

  1. Premium holographic seal as a protection against opening.
  2. Unique verification number, which will be used to verify legimacy od a product.
  3. Foil around the packaging.
  4. Velvet coating.
  5. On each package will be QR code which leads to official hilma biocare website. Hilmabiocare.com
  6. raised embossing under the logo the front of the box.
  7. Lettering in Braille

darksitebb.com is official reseller Hilma Biocare products!

3 thoughts on “Hilma biocare NEW PACKAGING!

  1. charles bacon says:

    i love it and its overdue , but better late than never. hilma is first class all the way, i love the fact that DARKSITEBB is an authorised re seller, all qualit gear , whats not to love

    1. admin says:

      all hilma biocare products (old packaging) expire in 2023…thank you for the rating. we will try to improve our services and quality products!

  2. charles bacon says:

    dear darksitebb.com i just found your site and placed and paid for my first order ( order #9023 ) it was the hilmabiocare that got my attention but then i saw PHD also and placed trial order. as soon as i get my trial order i have a larger order already planned , i can tell darksitebb is first class and the products they have a grade A. also im a member on MUSCLEGURUS and i will leave a great review . thanx darksitebb

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